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Our favourite Indian restaurant. Lovely staff and fantastic food

Sharon, 22 Dec 2018

Only a take away tonight but amazing, as always. Thank you so much for the Christmas gift, such a surprise and my Mum was very impressed that you were so thoughtful for a customer.

Adrian, 15 Dec 2018

lovely food well done

Foyzur, 02 Dec 2018

Good online experience

Annabel, 01 Dec 2018

Was here in half hour!

Francesca, 01 Dec 2018

A great meal from a great restaurant. Everything arrived very quickly and piping hot.

Darren, 18 Nov 2018


Sally, 04 Nov 2018

Very good. You were 40 seconds early!

Katrina, 24 Oct 2018

WOW ! I think that sums up my take away. Your kitchen definitely knows how make a meal that surpasses all expectations and all ordered and picked up in such a short time. I was made welcome, when I arrived early but got to enjoy chatting with you all. P.S. I will take you up on the Lassi when I next order. Thank you.#

Adrian, 21 Oct 2018

By far the nicest curry in Colchester

Del, 20 Oct 2018

Very nice quality, lots of meat and flavoursome thick sauces. Biriyani especially good. Would have liked a little more of the condiment. Restaurant were very helpful in cooking to our request. Thank you

Rowena, 17 Oct 2018

Great food - thank you!

Marc, 12 Oct 2018

The food is always lovely. Great that it can be ordered online and allows you to enter a pick up time.

Andrew, 29 Sep 2018

First time I’ve tried an Indian it was absolutely lovely, food was superb. [email protected]

Graham, 21 Sep 2018

Lovely food. Delivered on time.

Sally, 16 Sep 2018

Lovely food

Ben, 09 Sep 2018

Very easy to order online. Food ready on arrival & piping hot and delicious.

Julia, 08 Sep 2018

Tasty meal

Ann, 07 Sep 2018

Easy to use order site. Fast delivery with great tracking of order. Delicious food as usual.

Janet, 23 Jun 2018

Great food

Melissa, 23 Jun 2018

Really tasty good quality delicious food! Definitely be ordering again soon

Mel, 19 May 2018

Always a pleasure ordering from such talented people!

Alex, 13 May 2018


As usual love this website. Quick and easy. Brilliant discount.

Tracey, 06 May 2018


Brilliant way to order. Fab discount. Food always lovely.

Tracey, 28 Apr 2018

Excellent as always.

Jonathan, 27 Apr 2018

The best curry in Colchester.

Jonathan, 27 Apr 2018